COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It was a clash of cultures at Feast Day hosted by St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, which was all about bringing people from different cultures and backgrounds together.

“I’m happy when the community is happy,” said Fr. Ricardo Rosales, pastor of St. Dominic’s Catholic Church.

That’s one of the main themes behind this Feast Day.

“We have military families and spouses that come from all over, many parts of the world, and they end up here in the Fort Carson area,” said Eliana Murphy-Ellis of the catholic church.

This is one of the reasons why the event took on an international spin. And, because of the diverse community, many people from different backgrounds home-cooked and donated food for feast day.

“He is Puerto Rican.” Ana Martinez pointed to her husband. “I am from Panama, the ladies over there are from Philippines, and we have people for German also.”

They brought a variety of different kinds of food from South America like empanadas, rice and gandules and pollo fricassee.

They also partnered with the Security Fire Department and American Medical Repsonse.

“Our previous pastor, Father John Stearns… he was a former fire fighter in the military and was the chaplain for one of the local police departments. He had a great relationship with our local first responders and so we’re continuing that community relationship with them,” Murphy-Ellis said.

This is the first year in a while the event ran at full steam. Through the years, they hope it continues to be an event for more and more people to enjoy.

“It’s been really exciting seeing from two years ago, summer, we had to cancel the festival, there was nothing going on, very few people here with everything. And now seeing a whole lot of people here it’s just very energizing and I hope to see it grow,” Murphy-Ellis said.

The money raised from food tickets will go into the church’s emergency fund, but they said it’s really all about community.