COLORADO SPRINGS — After spending years in physical therapy with her daughter, Lindsey Carter is now making physical therapy services available to the public.

“We’re so excited to develop here in Colorado Springs,” said Lindsey Carter, FYZICAL Therapy Rockrimmon Owner. “We’re not from here. We chose here because we love it and we really want to pour into this community and be able to provide those services back that were provided to us that really were a game changer in our life.”

Lindsey’s daughter Lynna was born with CHARGE syndrome, which affects her hearing, vision and balance.

“So she has a missing vestibular nerve,” said Carter. “So right from the beginning, we were thrown into physical therapy week in and week out.”

At just six-weeks-old Lynna started wearing hearing aids, shortly after she started physical therapy.

“By the time she was about nine months, she still couldn’t hold her head up,” said Carter. “So it’s a pretty long journey.”

Thanks to physical therapy, Lynna is able to move on her own. On Friday afternoon, Lynna showed off her newest skill of jumping jacks and how fast she could run.

“It was only because of these wonderful physical therapists, the services that they provided and there is no way she would be where she is without those,” said Carter.

Inspired by her daughter and the positive impact of physical therapy, Carter chose to open up FYZICAL Therapy Rockrimmon, which focuses on balance.

“This is actually a clinic that [is] really going to focus on orthopedic care as well as balance… we are one of the only [facilities] that will offer that in this area with some pretty state-of-the-art equipment in order to do that,” said Carter.

Carter said opening up FYZCIAL Rockrimmon was the right fit.

“When I saw FYZICAL, I knew it was the right fit. We really have found that they have been intentional and they have really found how to empower people to grab hold of their own recovery, their own wellness,” said Carter.

The facility will offer rehabilitative and physical therapy.

“Now we are going to be treating adults mostly here, but that same kind of principle can apply,” said Alex Willis, FYZICAL Therapy Rockrimmon Clinic Director. “So…after someone has an injury or a fall, we can take them from being in a wheelchair, going to a walker, getting on a cane and then getting back to doing their day-to-day life without any assistance ideally.”

The center specifically has equipment to help with one’s balance.

“Where we really kind of specialize… is this overhead step rail,” said Willis. “So basically what you can do is hook people up into this harness and this will go all the way across down here and you’re not at risk of falling over.”

FYZICAL Rockrimmon is currently accepting Medicare and in the upcoming weeks will take all forms of insurance and self pay.