CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. — A hiker who suffered a leg injury near the summit of Mt. Princeton was rescued on Tuesday, and the multi-departmental effort exemplifies the efficiency of rescue services in Chaffee County.

Chaffee County Search and Rescue (SAR) posted about the rescue on Facebook, and said the hiker and his wife were nearly at the summit of Mt. Princeton, 14,120 feet in elevation, when the hiker suffered a leg injury.

The SAR team had to take into account incoming weather when preparing rescue operations, as a weather system was moving in that could jeopardize the rescue. Cañon City Helitack joined the rescue operation, and a team of two rescuers began making their up the standard trail of Mt. Princeton.

While the rescue teams mobilized, the hiker and his wife spoke to Chaffee County SAR and assessed the injury, and began slowly making their way down the mountain. Cañon City Helitack landed at the SAR Bay and rescue crews began finalizing a plan.

The helicopter would fly to the location of the injured hiker with one member on SAR on board. Depending on where the helicopter could land, the hiker would either be loaded into the helicopter, or rescuers would be dropped off to carry the hiker to the chopper.

Cañon City Helitack spotted the hiker from the air at the same time that the ground team reached them. The helicopter was able to land safely at 13,400 feet, and the hiker was successfully transported to EMS services for treatment. The hiker’s wife was able to hike out with SAR members.

Chaffee County SAR thanked their rescue partners, Cañon City Helitack, Chaffee County Dispatch, the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office, and Chaffee County EMS for their support in retrieving the injured hiker.