COLORADO SPRINGS — Rocky Mountain PACE is helping seniors in El Paso County to remain healthy and independent at home for as long as possible, at no cost to the participant.

“We want our parents and grandparents to age with the respect they deserve and to be treated with that respect,” said Mary Claire Shibilski, public relations strategist for Rocky Mountain PACE.

All types of healthcare is included at Rocky Mountain PACE. Credit: Rachel Saurer

The nonprofit has had this longtime goal since 1976, and the idea was to make every aspect of healthcare available to low income seniors 55 years and older.

“Medications, hospitalizations, doctor’s appointments, any sort of specialty appointments they need, vision dental, if they need ramps or grab bars installed in their house we’ll do that… so it’s everything,” Shibilski said.

The piano at Rocky Mountain PACE is a favorite among the participants. Credit: Rachel Saurer

Shibilski said this is what makes Rocky Mountain PACE a one-of-its-kind nonprofit in El Paso County. They have already impacted many participants and several have reached out to show their gratitude.

“One quote that we have from a participant was that he used to never leave his home. He couldn’t do anything because he had a disability,” Shibilski said.

After this participant joined Rocky Mountain PACE, the organization said that his quality of life improved significantly since they were able to provide him with medical equipment, care and help him lead a healthier life.

Participants begin leading a healthier life through this nonprofit. Credit: Rachel Saurer

“He shared with us that now his disability is just a medical condition. He can go out. He goes to his grandkids’ baseball games, basketball games. He can go out of the house and go to the park,” Shibilski said.

Shibilski said they will use the funds from the campaign to continue to put towards participants through advancements in telehealth, equipment and general care. She said in this way, Rocky Mountain PACE will be able to be around for as long as its needed.

“When we all eventually get there we want it to still be around so that everyone can take advantage of it.”