COLORADO SPRINGS — Pikes Peak Library District is part of the Indy Give! campaign this year and is delivering library resources to seniors in El Paso County who might otherwise not be able to get them.

PPLD delivers books, movies and magazines to residents in assisted and independent living homes twice a month as a way to make sure they can still have access to all the resources they need.

PPLD delivers books, magazines, DVDs and other resources twice a month to senior living homes. Credit: Brandon Thompson

Susan Hoover, an independent resident at Myron Stratton home, said she looks forward to library days because she gets to see the library associates who she has become good friends with and it also gives her an opportunity to talk about good books and good DVDs.

“We’re so spoiled,” she said. “If we had to drive over to a library… oh my gosh… because some people can’t drive. So how would that work anyway? But, if we had to go over there and get them and then we had to take them back… you know, she takes care of all of it.”

Residents of these senior living homes said they always look forward to library day. Credit: Brandon Thompson

Pam Contreras, PPLD Senior Library associate, has been faithfully delivering resources from the library to assisted and independent living homes for seven years. She said she has been doing it for the purpose of making it easier for seniors to gain access to their library.

“They will either request specific items, or they’ll just say ‘I want three romances’ or ‘three westerns’ or whatever each time and so then we will put those on hold for them and bring them out,” Contreras said.

Not only does the program provide access to library materials, but Denise Tapia-Watson, Myron Stratton Home resident engagement director, said it gives residents socialization and it brings them so much joy.

“They look forward to them coming,” Tapia-Watson said. “If they’re not coming or if they’re late, they’re wondering what’s going on because they plan on this. This is their day–get together–sometimes they do trivia, get their library materials and just visit with each other.”

PPLD said they are there to make things easier for residents to get resources including recommendations and placing holds on specific books. Credit: Brandon Thompson

PPLD associates also said that the program benefits them just as much as the seniors who are receiving the resources.

“It makes me feel fulfilled in that I’m able to be a part of meeting their needs and I feel like they meet even more of my needs sometimes in their appreciation and even sometimes some of their advice,” Contreras said.

PPLD said that the money donated through Indy Give! will be used to help increase the capacity of the mobile library service to better serve seniors in El Paso County.