(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports is a new citywide initiative recognizing sports as a resource for developing children.

On Wednesday, May 17, Colorado Springs Mayor, John Suthers, endorsed the new campaign at the Project Play Summit– a conference for community leaders who view sports as a means to combat larger issues such as obesity, gender equity and social inclusion.

For some kids, playing a sport may depend on skill and talent, but for others, it may depend on income, zip code or disability.

“Every child should have the right to play and should have equal access and opportunity to exceptional experiences. The Children’s Bill of Rights codifies that in a way,” stated Katherine Quinn, Organizer for the Project Play Summit.

When it comes to sports, playtime isn’t just about the game, according to Vanessa Zink, Chief Communications Officer for the City of Colorado Springs.

“There’s so many benefits of sports. Not just physical activity but mental health,” said Zink. “It teaches you teamwork. It teaches you about integrity, and so that’s why it’s really important for us to take a look at this Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports.”

Local organizations are now encouraged to adopt these values when it’s game time for kids.

“There’s 600 industry professionals here in Colorado Springs, and we’re all talking about building better communities through sports and increasing youth access to sports, and it’s just a really noble and worthy mission,” stated Zink.