COLORADO SPRINGS — Rachelle Davis recently moved into a new apartment with her three children Lily, Vincent, and Mila.

“We came here, you know, there were a lot of kids, a lot of liveliness,” said Davis. “I was like, this is going to be much better for us, and we loved it here.”

They have lived in their new apartment on University Drive for the past month and a half. Over the Labor Day Weekend, things took a turn for the worse.

On the night of September 2, the family was sleeping when bullets came through the living room.

“My daughter was sleeping on the couch the night the first bullets came through the window,” said Davis. “She was sleeping right here and woke up covered in glass.”

Davis said her son was the first to notice bullet hole marks in the walls.

Bullet holes on the wall of the apartment

“My son who was the first one to notice that there were gunshots in the house because I just, like I said, get out of bed and go straight to work,” said Davis. “His little sister was asleep on the couch and he’s been a little shaken up.”

The next night on September 3, Davis said the family was again asleep when a bullet came through the kitchen window and hit the fridge.

The fridge in Davis’ apartment kitchen with a bullet mark

“That came through the kitchen, stopped right here, otherwise it would have gone right through to where we were sleeping,” said Davis.

In the middle of the night, Davis called her ex-husband to ask him to pick up their kids.

“While I was on the phone, they shot seven through the window into the wall,” said Davis. “Police ended up coming like seven to eight minutes later doing their investigation.”

Bullet holes were visible on the guitars and tv that were in the living room.

The guitar hanging on the wall was hit by a bullet

The Colorado Springs Police Department said they are investigating the shooting and believe the victims were not targeted.

“I’ve only been here a month and a half, I have no problems with anybody,” said Davis. “I’m like, I’m not being targeted.”

Davis works remotely for Verizon and is trying to find a new place to live to continue her remote work.

“I work at home for Verizon, so it’s a completely remote position,” said Davis. “All of my equipment, it’s a lot. It’s all here but since the second time the house was shot out, I get heart palpitations just walking into the house, I get very anxious.”

Bullet holes along the outside living room window

If you are interested in supporting Rachelle Davis and her kids, you can visit their GoFundMe campaign.