I-70 Glenwood Canyon clean up and safety update


I-70 through Glenwood Canyon after mudslide (KDVR)

GLENWOOD CANYON, Colo.– Crews are hard at work in the Glenwood Canyon area to clean up the damage done by the mudslide in an effort to re-open the roadways as soon as safely possible.

One hundred and ninety-five loads (each weighing approximately 13 tons) of slide material were hauled out of the area to dumpsites at mile marker 119 on I-70 and mile marker 9.3 on Colorado Highway 82.

In the canyon’s eastern end, crews cleaned from Hanging Lake Tunnel to Bair Ranch, filling up trucks with 120 loads. Three 48-inch culverts were also cleaned out in an effort to assist in the draining process.

In the canyon’s western end, crews hauled 75 loads out of the area on Monday, Aug. 9 and worked to excavate mud out at mile marker 123.5 eastbound, near Blue Gulch. The crew will work this work to expose a box culvert and clean an area for a pad for sixty super sacks, bags full of bedding sand, north of the roadway area.

The Colorado Department of Transportation studied damage done at mile marker 123.5 (Blue Gulch) and says that they believe that the roadway infrastructure for I-70 can be reopened going westbound after more material is removed and rockfall protection and barriers are installed.

With regard to the eastbound lanes of I-70, CDOT says that they believe its infrastructure can withstand a one-lane re-opening after approximately 100 feet of roadway is repaved with necessary safety devices.

Traffic is being controlled and monitored at Exit 87, CO 6, CO 13 and at mile marker 133 by a contractor. CDOT and other crews are managing Exit 116, while CDOT is manning both sides of CO 82 Independence Pass until more flaggers can arrive in the area for management.

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