(COLORADO) — You might have heard of Gordon Ramsey, Rachael Ray, Barefoot Contessa plus many more famous culinary creators and chefs. But, have you ever heard of Carnelian Cooks Evan and Elise Caparelli? Well, now you have! They both joined Loving Living Local host Nova for the very first time on TV in sharing this awesome culinary partnership.

Both coming from Italian families, pasta is in the blood! They both are passionate about highlighting incredible, simple ingredients in all the food they create, yet flavorful.

Elise and Evan both met in Boulder and quickly became a fun foodie duo. Evan was born in Monument, with Elise’s family having a restaurant in Sonoma, California – so food is always part of their lives in a big way. The cocktail that was created on the show Thursday comes from the Caparelli family, created by Evan’s brother while working together at Salt Bistro in Boulder.

Evan worked at a nice restaurant in Boulder as a bartender and they both loved cooking with one another and trying new dishes and drinks. Eventually, the duo started posting delicious recipes and photos, and fast forward a year – Carnelian Cooks was born! The duo now works for several food and beverage brands to create engaging online content.

The duo plans to release a cookbook, along with more online recipes via its website and social media. Elise and Evan also have plans to work with more brands and even start a possible cooking show.

Elise and Evan really have something special; their love for family, food, and travel transcends into what they both create. This culinary partnership, along with the simple ingredients and the way Elise and Evan connect through culture is really going to flourish into something beautiful.

Follow the couple’s journey and visit Carnelian Cooks’ website at carneliancooks.com or follow them on social media @carneliancooks.