Hungry bear leaves mess, poops inside unlocked car in Aspen


ASPEN, Colo. — Authorities are reminding you to lock your car doors after one car in Aspen was left a total mess all thanks to a neighborly bear just looking for something to eat.

The Aspen Police Department posted the photos to their Facebook page with a friendly reminder to area residents reminding them to lock all car doors.

According to authorities, the bear was strolling through the area and discovered the car was unlocked, let itself in, and just couldn’t find a way out.

After the bear destroyed the car’s interior, it decided to take things a step further by leaving “no less than three piles of poop inside.”

The bear eventually was able to pull the car’s right lever and venture outside.

Police say there was no “significant food” inside the car, but because bears have a fine sense of smell, they must have smelled empty junk food bags or maybe even a couple spare french fries.

“Please, please, please lock your car,” authorities said in the post. “Not because somebody might steal your stuff (though that could happen), but even more because Yogi might climb inside looking for leftovers.”

Authorities added once bears are inside, they often manage to close the door behind them, leading to the results seen in the photos.

“Aspen is the right kind of ‘hood to lock your car,” they joked at the end of the post.”The Aspen Police Department – Protecting the Wild West since 1880.”

All photos courtesy Aspen Police Department.

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