(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) recently rescued kittens that were found on its property, located at 610 Abbot Lane, just west of I-25 off South 8th Street.

According to HSPPR, in early July a cat got loose in their parking lot, and the team spent over a month trying to capture her.

Recently the team was finally successful and they thought that was the end.

However, HSPPR said during an ordinary day for two volunteer dog walkers, one of the dogs made a hard right turn toward a shed, and as the volunteers got closer, they heard meowing coming from underneath.

  • Three kittens
  • A HSPPR worker digs under a shed with a crowbar
  • HSPPR workers create a hole in the shed floor trying to lift up a floor tile
  • A HSPPR worker pokes his head through a hole in the floor of a shed
  • HSPPR workers look underneath a shed for kittens
  • HSPPR workers inspect a shed

The cat HSPPR previously captured was a mother and had kittens on their property. Staff was alerted and rescued three kittens right away, which were all reunited with their mother.

The next day, HSPPR did another sweep when they heard more cries for help. A fourth kitten was hiding so far out of reach that HSPPR had to destroy the floor of the shed and dig holes to rescue the fourth kitten.

HSPPR said its employees are caring for the mother while she cares for the four kittens. “It took a crew to help this family. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who were a part of this amazing rescue!” wrote HSPPR.