(WALSENBURG, Colo.) — Huerfano County will conduct a major active shooter drill Friday morning on Oct. 28., and is asking the public not to be alarmed when they see a large law enforcement presence in the area.

The drill will take place at the Judicial Center located at 200 W. 5th St. It will simulate a mass casualty event and will be designed to appear as realistic as possible in order to test the abilities of first responders, according to a press release.

50 people are estimated to participate in the drill acting as victims who are injured, dead or fleeing the building. The county says makeup will be utilized to make injuries appear real in order to make the drill as effective as possible. Those in the vicinity of the Judicial Center will be reminded that what they are seeing is only a drill with posted signs.

Law enforcement says the public should not be alarmed if they see a large police and fire presence along with ambulances and other emergency response vehicles. This includes emergency vehicles traveling on city streets to area hospitals, which is part of the drill. The drill is not open to the public and community members are asked to avoid the area.