(PUEBLO, Colo) — The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) shared a story about an injured, homeless cat that was brought into HSPPR before his rescuer ultimately adopted him.

According to HSPPR, the cat named Figaro had been visiting a property for around a month, admired by those living there. One day Figaro however, when showed up with a facial wound, those living on the property knew he needed help and brought him into HSPPR in Pueblo.

HSPPR said, Figaro had a puncture-like wound under his right eye, his coat was in rough shape and he was underweight. The wound was two centimeters wide and required stitches.

Under sedation, HSPPR clipped, cleaned, and sutured the wound and removed painful mats in Figaro’s fur. Fortunately, HSPPR said, Figaro’s eye was able to be saved by the veterinary team.

  • Figaro a gray hair cat
  • Figaro a cat with a cone around his neck

While Figaro was in HSPPR care, the rescuer regularly checked on his status and made it clear that if no one came to reclaim him, they wanted to give him a loving home.

Figaro was treated in HSPPR’s hospital for ten days and no one came into HSPPR to claim him.

Once his wound was nearly healed and cleared by the veterinary team, his rescuer was called to take Figaro home.

Recently Figaro returned to HSPPR to have his stitches removed, and HSPPR said they could tell his new family had been nursing him well.

HSPPR would like to thank everyone that cared for Figaro and thanked his new family for taking good care of the once-homeless cat.