COLORADO SPRINGS- After many wildfires in Southern Colorado the past few weeks and the Silver Charm Fire coming close to homes on Friday, the Colorado Springs Fire Department is reminding you how to be prepared in case of evacuations.

Captain Mike Smaldino with the Colorado Springs Fire Department said when it comes to an evacuation there may be little notice. So it’s important to be ready for it ahead of time.

“We’re burning earlier and more than really what we have in the past and so fire is going to be around us and it’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of when and where and hopefully we can make sure everybody is prepared for it,” Smaldino said.

The first step in preparation is to have plan in place in case a fire causes you to evacuate your home.

Next is to create an evacuation kit with personal records, important documents and prescriptions you may need. Also put your kit in a spot in your home where you can grab it in a hurry.

“Get your personal possessions together. Think about it ahead of time. What is it that you need to live for maybe say a few days a few hours while you are out of your house. We always want you to have a plan,” Smaldino said. “We want you to have it in an area that is easily accessible for you and you are going to remember it. Remember this is going to be a stressful time.”

It’s important to plan a route to get out of your neighborhood and set up a meeting spot for family members. Also, know how to evacuate your animals and livestock too. 

“People are going to try and come back and get their pets if you are at work and fire breaks out in your area, have a neighbor you can call and talk to and maybe see if they can get by your house and at least grab them,” Smaldino said.

When there is evacuation notices in Colorado Springs, the best way to get notifications is through Peak Alerts. A system that sends emergency notifications straight to your cellphone.

When a fire is in your neighborhood, firefighters say the most important thing to do is evacuate when you need to. Even if your home is under a pre-evacuation notice, don’t wait as a fire can move fast.

“You don’t have to wait for us to tell you it is time to evacuate if the fire does come. Don’t wait for it . If you feel like it’s time to go, great, go please. That’s what we want you to do. We don’t want you to wait until basically fire is at your door and you go ‘oh man I should go now’,” Smaldino said.

To get you ready for the rest of fire season, Colorado Springs Fire Department is hosting “Living With Wildfire” Town Hall meetings until August.

For more information on when they will be in your neighborhood, visit their website.