How seasonal allergies can affect your pets


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Many of us have been experiencing the dreaded symptoms of allergies lately but what about our pets? If you have noticed your pet itching and scratching but no signs of fleas or ticks, it may not be bugs that are bothering them. Just like we suffer from awful allergies our pets have their own set of seasonal symptoms.

“People’s seasonal allergies are usually inhaled allergens. So you’ll breathe something in whether it be pollen, mold, dust, dander, whatever that might be.” Veterinarian and owner of Uintah Pet Emergency, David Glover added, “As far as dogs though, it’s usually caused by contact with the skin itself.”

Causing them to scratch and itch but what can we do to help?

“Steroids unfortunately are one of the most common treatments for it which help but once again there are lots of side effects to steroids and so that can cause a lot of owners to become frustrated as far as side effects,” said Glover.

But there are other options.

“The best thing is probably, there’s board certified dermatologists for pets now a days and so the best thing would be probably see one of those guys that way you can kind of identify, try and identify the allergens that affect your dog most severely,” said Glover.

And he says they do not recommend using over-the-counter topicals made for humans but there are some home remedies.

“People try and put socks on their pet’s feet just to prevent the claws from actually causing damage.” Glover added, “Some people put like a t-shirt on or a onesie on their pet once again to prevent them from getting to that skin.”

Vets also say it is tough to tell whether your pets are suffering from seasonal or food allergies and pinpointing those allergens can be tricky but a pet dermatologist is your best bet for weeding through those signs and symptoms.

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