(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Losing your home to a fire can be unimaginable, but for one family in Peyton, Colorado, tragedy became reality just days before Christmas.

Many might not know Mark Anthony personally, but chances are you probably know him because of his pretzels.

It was a normal day in the kitchen at Mark Anthony’s Pretzels in Colorado Springs when the owner got a call that forever changed his life.

“I mean, I’m still kind of in shock,” said Mark Anthony, owner of Mark Anthony Pretzels. “I get a screaming call from my wife saying the house is burning down and just like every other husband I thought she was being dramatic.”

Reality didn’t kick in for Mark until he saw the house for himself.

“We could see the smoke before we could see the house, so we knew it was over,” Anthony explained.

As Mark dropped everything to race home, his business never left his mind. Known in the community as Mark the pretzel guy, his business operates as a second home.

“I mean I have customers that’ll just come in and talk to me for 45 minutes to an hour and sometimes customers will come in and say, ‘Mark I’m in a hurry, don’t talk to me too much,’ I’m like great no problem,” Anthony said.

The Southern Colorado community is now taking to GoFundMe to support Mark and his family.

“There’s not a lot of cities that care like Colorado Springs,” Anthony said.

With $12,000 in donations, the GoFundMe is still growing as Mark says he’s never left the pretzel shop working on recipes.

“I don’t like to announce those until they’re perfected,” Anthony explained.

While losing his home, Mark keeps a smile on his face no matter what bad luck he may come across.

“I don’t think I’ll ever leave Colorado Springs, I just want to thank everybody,” Anthony said.