(COLORADO SPRINGS) — 29 people were arrested on Trespassing and other charges in Colorado Springs as part of a planned homeless camp cleanup just off Highway 24 east of Fountain Creek.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD), officers with the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), along with HOT Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the Falcon and Gold Hill Divisions, responded to the area of the 1800 block of Hancock Drive and East Las Vegas Street regarding trespassing and camping complaints.

CSPD said HOT officers had posted the camps multiple times over several weeks, advising the trespassers that enforcement and the cleanup of the camp would be coming soon to the area, with the last posting to the camp on Feb. 24 providing an exact date of cleanup.

CSPD said the camps were spread out along City property, BNSF Railroad property, and Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) property. CSPD said the two-day operation, which began on Feb. 27, resulted in 29 people being cited for trespassing, 15 of which were transported to the Criminal Justice Center and Parole.

59 misdemeanor warrants and seven felony warrants were cleared as a result of these arrests, CSPD said. Additionally, officers made two narcotics arrests and took a sex offender for address verification.

The cleanup is being conducted by the City of Colorado Springs’ Quality of Life Team and CDOT’s cleanup crew, which CSPD said has currently filled up 14 roll-offs to date, with the cleanup continuing the week of March 1 until completed.