COLORADO SPRINGS — Put those razors down! It’s the first Saturday of September, which means it’s World Beard Day!

For this international celebration, it is customary for bearded individuals to relax and partake in no chores or jobs, according to World Bear Day. The holiday is all about ‘promoting and elevating’ the global status of the beard.

It is universally considered to be ‘highly disrespectful,’ to shave on World Beard Day, states the World Beard Day community. Be sure to “break bread with your bearded brethren,” on this special occasion.

Many countries practice World Bead Day with traditions specific to their own region. For example, townships in southern Spain, gather for a boxing match between a bearded man and beardless boy, says the World Beard Day community.

The World Beard Day community also shared that the exact origins of World Beard Day are unknown. The dedication and glorification of beards date back to 800 AD when Danish Vikings ransacked towns to celebrate World Beard Day. These celebrations occurred hundreds of times each year, according to the World Beard Day community.