COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, The Paleta Bar in Colorado Springs has you covered.

Its unique spin on Mexican gourmet popsicles is catching the attention of many people while also bringing Latin flavors to the Pikes Peak region.

“Their jaw drops,” The Paleta Bar Owner Daniel Casas said. “They have no words for it. So we give them a little rundown of how it works.”

Once you enter The Paleta Bar, you first choose your popsicle, then you pick out your toppings and fresh fruit.

“Mexican popsicles are creamy, they’re rich in flavor, and not hard at all,” Casas explained. “Everything that you see here is made fresh every single day. We have our Agua Fresca made fresh with natural fruits.”

Although many traditional paleterias have predetermined options, The Paleta Bar gives customers the chance to make their own dessert.

“People who even aren’t Hispanic, they all want to try it because it’s something unique,” Casas told FOX21. “It’s something that Colorado hasn’t had or that many other places still don’t have. It’s something where many people don’t know what a paleta is.”

To learn more about The Paleta Bar and how you can enjoy its unique dishes, watch the video above!