(FOX21) — Several school districts have decided to enforce mask mandates. Below is a working list of schools with mask policies in place.

Colorado School Districts:

  • Harrison School District 2: students, staff, parents, and visitors will be required to wear masks starting Sept. 7, 2021. 
  • Widefield District 3: District Wide masking policy starts Sept. 7, 2021 for at least four weeks. At that time, school leaders will reevaluate.
  • School District 11: Face masks are required for teachers working indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Mandate starts Sept. 7, 2021 According to D11, if data shows five consecutive days of the county’s incidence rate above 200 out of 100-thousand infection, it will require masks for all elementary students, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Cheyenne Mountain School District 12: mask mandates in place.

Pueblo County Schools:

All schools in Pueblo County currently have mask mandates in effect.

Do you know a school that needs to be added to this list? Email us at news@fox21news.com.