COLORADO SPRINGS — Space Foundation Discovery Center (SFDC) offers a program to help teachers ecnourage learning of space and beyond.

The International Teacher Liaison Program was created in 2004 and currently has 323 active teacher liaisons all around the world.

“The International Teacher Liaison Program is truly a unique niche community of teachers who get excited to teach about space with their students,” said Anna Shaw SFDC Education Program Manager.

Teachers who are selected into the program gain access to a community of other teachers and access to teaching resources.

“They’re invited to participate in all activities, but especially an exclusive workshop just for teacher liaisons throughout the year,” said Shaw. “We also offer a series of webinars and professional developments to give them resources to implement space within their classrooms.”

Shaw said teaching students about space will help the future space job industry.

“We know that there are going to be so many more jobs within the space ecosystem in the next few decades, and we need to train our students now to fill those positions in the future,” said Shaw.

First grade teacher Katharine Smushkov at Dual Immersion Academy in Grand Junction is a member of the International Teacher Liaison Program. She said her experience has been incredible.

“I encourage every teacher to apply to this program,” said Smushkov. “There are teachers from all around the world and we are all connected, we all work together, and its amazing.”

Applications close on September 30 — the link to the application can be found here.

The Space Foundation said applications will be reviewed by a diverse selection committee and teachers who are accepted into the program will be informed in January 2023.