(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Children’s Hospital Colorado Therapy Care on Telstar is helping serve the Pikes Peak region by providing a pediatric-based partial hospitalization behavioral health program and an outpatient therapy care service.

Inside the building is one physical therapist, Hannah Allgood, who is helping coach her patients through injuries and lead them to a successful recovery.

“So we work primarily with adolescent athletes and so that can be anything from just like having a knee pain or having a surgery,” said Allgood. “So, it varies based on the patient, some patients that have surgeries, I’m treating them for like a yearlong process and so we spend a lot of time together.”

Allgood has spent more than two years with Isla Eaton, who had an ACL injury.

Isla Eaton’s ACL injury. Courtesy: Brian Eaton, her father.

The two have worked together to regain strength and mobility in her knee.

“I think that, like, everything I’ve been doing here has really helped a lot, especially getting to the point I am now, and working with Hannah has been great,” said Eaton.

Inside the Children’s Hospital Colorado Therapy Care on Telstar, physical therapist Hannah Allgood checks in on Isla Eaton.

Therapy Care on Telstar offers a variety of services including physical, occupational, rehabilitation, sports medicine, audiology, and speech and learning therapy.

When it comes to working through an injury, Allgood shared the mental battle many patients have to overcome in order to get back into the sport.

“It’s really challenging, if you’re an athlete, and then all of a sudden you literally can’t walk,” said Allgood. “Being able to be a part of that and see, just like their evolution over the year, not only as an individual, but then, yeah, getting them on the field and that has their own challenges because typically most of these athletes are injured on the field.”

The two practice a soccer drill outside working on stability and mobility.

Eaton shared the thoughts going through her head when getting back on the playing field.

“But yeah, I was definitely nervous because like the level I play at is really high and like, people are good and you get to tackle so often, like it can be scary,” said Eaton.

Allgood comes from an athletic background – playing soccer and basketball. She said she tries to relate to her patients in helping address their concerns and ensure they will return back on the field.

“She’s amazing. She’s been really great,” said Eaton. “Not only because she’s an athlete herself, because that really helps me like relate to things more, but she’s a great person, [and] fun to talk to.”

Eaton’s success in physical therapy translated to the soccer field as she was recently named a Team USA U16 soccer member and is heading to New Zealand in July.

“And then my coach even says that like the reason I got it was because like my hard work coming out of my injury… Hannah had a big part to do with that because like, without her, I wouldn’t have been where I am now,” said Eaton.

Now two years later, Earon easily dribbles between cones before making a goal.

When she is not taking care of her patients, Allgood is an avid trail runner. She left Friday evening on a flight to Austria to represent Team USA in the USATF World Running and Mountain Championships.