(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Another winter storm is coming to town, but it will be quite different compared to last week. The Colorado Department of Transportation said it will be heavy and wet, so they’re letting the public know how they’ll be preparing for this different storm.

“We’re going to have the crews out working the roads all evening,” said Bob Wilson, Statewide Communications Manager for CDOT. “And then we will continue working the roadways until the storm’s passed.”

CDOT said this latest storm could present some new challenges.

“It’s not going to be as brutally cold, but we will have slushy conditions,” Wilson said. “People sometimes aren’t aware of how much you can slip and slide when the roads are slushy.”

He said just because it’s not icy yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not dangerous.

“That’s also an opportunity to slow down when you’re going to be traveling those kinds of conditions,” Wilson said.

Slush in the morning is usually bad news for commuters, since it will freeze and quickly become ice.

“Anywhere you’re going to be traveling where you’re going to get a little bit of snow, just give yourself a little bit of extra time and maybe check those road conditions before you head out,” Wilson said.

And, while snow events like this are becoming more common as we head deeper into winter, CDOT reminded drivers to be safe around snowplows and give them space.

“Please don’t pass our plows when they’re doing their job. That can create more hazards… especially passing the plows on the right can be very hazardous and you can wind up with a lot of snow onto your car.”