Healthcare worker shortage places strain on Colorado Springs senior citizens


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A shortage in the healthcare industry, particularly senior services, is stretching seniors, their families, and caregivers thin.

“It’s a nationwide issue, but statewide it has also been recognized,” said Silver Key Senior Services Director of Health and Wellness Services Dayton Romero. “A shortage area in the industry ripples to families who are having to step up and take care of mom, grandma and being pulled away from their job.”

For some senior citizens, asking for help before the shortage was already difficult.

“It takes a lot for them to reach out for support,” Romero said.

Now, not only has asking for help gotten harder, providing care has too.

“When they do make that leap and outreach for help, and that help is not there, it is something that is just morally wrong,” Romero told FOX21.

That’s why caregivers are calling on the community to help.

“As a community, I could see us stepping up through volunteership in companionship programs,” Romero said. “Bringing and increasing that awareness around this shortage. Really acknowledging the hard work of caregivers who tend to be overworked and underpaid. What are we doing about that, and what are policymakers doing about that?”

According to Romero, this is an everyone issue, meaning even if you don’t have a senior citizen in your life right now, one day you will.

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