COLORADO SPRINGS — A health and safety advisory has been issued to warn the public of potentially unsafe levels of Total Yeast and Mold on medical marijuana flower produced by Canna Meds Wellness Center LLC.

The Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) found medical marijuana flower (bud/shake/trim) from Harvest Batches produced by Canna Meds Wellness Center LLC that contained levels of contaminants above acceptable limits for Total Yeast and Mold. Additionally, some batches were not properly submitted for testing.

Consumers who have affected marijuana in their possession are advised to dispose of it. Those who are experiencing adverse health effects from consuming contaminated marijuana are advised to seek immediate medical attention. DOR asks that these cases be reported to the store where the product was purchased or to the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

The label produced by Canna Meds Wellness Center LLC does not specify the store where medical marijuana was purchased from or list a harvest batch. DOR warned that any marijuana flower (buds, shake, pre-rolled marijuana) should be considered to be contaminated if purchased from Canna Meds Wellness Center LLC.