COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– FOX21’s Primetime Panel on mental health aired on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

Watch the video below to see the full panel.

Three medical professionals came to FOX21’s news studio to discuss mental health in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They each answered various questions asked by anchors Scott Kilbury and Taylor Bishop, many of which centered around children’s mental health.

Dr. Alicia Apple, a pediatrician located in the Colorado Springs area, said in addressing children’s perception of self and how social media can impact it, “As for parents and we, as adults with kids, can do is just really make sure they are aware that what they see in the magazine, what they see online, what they see on tv isn’t necessarily true.”

In answering a question about the shortage of medical professionals, Dr. Jose Martinez with Diversus Health said, “There is just not enough providers in any category–psychiatry, pediatrics, social workers–who are able to cover the demand, unfortunately.”

Tom Caughlan, manager of behavioral health at Children’s Hospital Colorado – Colorado Springs, said that he believes the delta variant has raised anxiety levels in school-age children.

“I think this Delta wave has caused kids to go, ‘Oh my gosh! This is happening again. What is this year going to look like?’ and I hear that every day in our emergency department for kids.”

The panelists also addressed questions on treating mental illnesses, common mental illnesses experienced by children and teenagers, how parents can best address their child or children’s mental health status with them, LGBTQ mental health and more.

FOX21 would like to thank each of the panel participants for answering our questions and helping address this ongoing pandemic’s impact in our community.

For resources, please see the graphic below as well as this article from Children’s Hospital Colorado entitled “Supporting Kids’ Mental Health: From Coronavirus Anxiety to Languishing”.

Besides the hotlines featured below, the following organizations also offer hotlines for specific members of the population:

  • The Trevor Project – leading national organization offering crisis care and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ youth – 1-866-488-7386
  • Veterans Crisis Line – free, confidental resource for any veteran regardless of their registration with the VA – 1-800-273-8255
  • Ayuda en Espanol: Suicide Prevention Hotline – a Spanish language crisis line offered by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-888-628-9454