COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Many people want to take their Halloween costumes to the next level by using colored or theatrical contact lenses, but it turns out they can do major damage to your eyes.

This Halloween, several people are coming into Zeezo’s asking for lenses like these, but just like many other shops, they took them off the shelves when people were nearly losing their vision.

“When they’re sold as a novelty, they don’t come with any instructions as to use. You’re not instructed how to put them in, how to clean them, how often you have to take them out, and then they have expiration dates so people don’t really pay attention to that when they’re buying it as a novelty item,” Zeezo’s president Mark Modeer said.

But now the regulations on the lenses are becoming more strict.

“Contact lens prescriptions by law require an evaluation of the fit by a professional. So it’s technically illegal to sell contact lenses without a valid prescription,” Dr. John Rabins with Optom-Eyes Inc. said.

The problem is, often times, these lenses aren’t properly packaged, so you could end up with an infection or worse.

“These contact lenses, if improperly fit, can cause all sorts of issues,” Rabins said.

Like a scratch in your cornea or even an ulcer, both of which could lead to permanent vision loss.

“These aren’t regulated. They’re buying these from an importer that did not import them through the legal channels, so they have no idea what they’re buying,” Modeer said.

You can still buy these decorative lenses if you have a prescription from your eye doctor. If you’re looking for a cheaper and safer alternative, you can always use a mask or makeup.