(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) confirmed that no gun was found at Harrison High School after police were called to investigate a “report of a possible gun that was displayed in a bathroom,” on Friday, Oct. 7.

CSPD will initiate a separate investigation into the reports that were initially received to determine if there was any malicious intent behind the reporting.

According to CSPD, the panic started when a group of Harrison High School students gathered for an “agreed-upon fight,” and another group of girls exiting nearby restrooms yelled that they had seen a gun.

The reports claimed that two individuals involved in the fight displayed a firearm. The yelling regarding the gun spread rapidly among individuals, which caused many students to run, said CSPD.

When police searched the two students allegedly in possession of the gun, officers reported that there was no weapon. Additional surveillance footage confirmed there was never a firearm displayed.

“At this time, we believe there was no firearm inside of Harrison High School,” said CSPD’s Public Information Officer, Lieutenant Pamela Castro. “There was never a threat to any of the students or staff or officers, and there are no injuries.”

CSPD described the unfolding of events at Harrison High School as “the old yelling fire in a movie theater.” Castro said, “Somebody yelled that there was a gun and it just spread throughout all of the students that were in the area and that caused the running of people [and] the initial texts going out to family members as well.”

Castro emphasized again that there was never a gun actually at the school and no threat to students and teachers. Although reports of a gun at Harrison High School were found to be untrue, CSPD reminded the public of the difference between perceived threats and false accusations with intent.

“Too many times we’ve seen the tragedy that happens when concerns about firearms or somebody aren’t reported,” said Castro. “So we very much want people to report it. But we also want to make sure that people are reporting what they honestly believe in this case, this very well could have been perception.”

CSPD stated they will initiate an investigation into whether or not this case was one of perception or if the reported individuals had the intent to cause “mayhem, concern and havoc.” If a student is found to have reported the alleged gun with intent, the student could face criminal charges along with the school district’s own internal processes.

Harrison High School proceeded as normal after the incident. Parents were notified and given the option to pick up their kids early for the day.