(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO) is investigating after a gun and ammunition were found in a student’s backpack on Tuesday morning, Oct. 4 at Evans Elementary School (EES).

According to EPSO, the Sheriff’s Office was notified of the situation by School District 49 (D49) around 9:36 a.m. on Tuesday.

In a note sent out to families, EES alerted parents of the incident, saying that the D49 Safety and Security team is working with EPSO to investigate the handgun.

According to the note, a parent originally reported to a staff member that their child had seen another student with a single round of ammunition. The staff member immediately notified EES administrators, who called EPSO and the D49 Safety and Security team.

The student who reportedly displayed the ammunition was removed from class, and upon searching the student’s backpack, a handgun and additional ammunition were found.

EES said there was no indication the student intended to threaten or harm anyone, and that after speaking with the student and their parents, the district believes “this incident is more reflective of a misguided attempt to impress friends,” according to the note.

EPSO will investigate how the student came into possession of the gun.

D49 thanked the quick response of parents, staff, and law enforcement, and credited them for catching the situation before anything potentially dangerous happened:

D49 commends the quick action of the parent and EES staff to identify and respond to a potentially dangerous situation. Although we do not believe this was intended as a threat, and do not believe our campus is in any danger, we are committed to investigating this situation completely and will determine the appropriate next steps for the student involved who is subject to both school and law enforcement consequences. D49 thanks our law enforcement partners and encourages all of our students and families to stay alert and report any suspicious activity. We thank you for your trust, understanding and support in this matter. The safety of students, families and staff on our campuses is non-negotiable; we will remain proactive and partner with local law enforcement to ensure a safe learning environment awaits every District 49 learner.

Evans Elementary School Statement

EPSO said the investigation is ongoing, and more information will be released when the investigation allows.