COLORADO SPRINGS — On Wednesday, Governor Jared Polis (D) toured across southern Colorado giving talks on how to save Coloradans money. This comes after supply chain issues and inflation have been a thorn in the sides of many in the Centennial State.

In an effort to combat these issues which can’t be controlled on a local level, Governor Polis addressed the things we can control.

Governor Jared Polis gives a speech to an event hosted by the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC on saving Coloradans money. Credit: Michael Duran

“What we can do is reduce fees, support policies that help small businesses – and Coloradans have more in their pocket to afford what lies ahead,” Governor Polis said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Gov. Polis stopped by a DMV location to talk about plans to reduce fees for drivers.

“When you register your vehicle you’ll see a fee reduction of 11 dollars and 10 cents. And we’re looking to continue that into the future and help save Coloradans money on their vehicle registration fee, their driver’s license, their vehicle aging fee,” he said.

Find out more on SB21-260 here.

Colorado drivers could be saving more with a new bill to cut registration fees. Credit: Michael Duran

In addition to cutting costs for Colorado drivers, the governor said another way to help Coloradans would be to make childcare more accessible to parents and guardians.

“Pre-school and kindergarten play a role in that second parent returning to the workforce and single parents being able to hold down full time jobs in the workforce. So they play an immediate role in the economic benefit,” Polis said.

Find out more on HB21-1304 here.

For entrepreneurs in Colorado, the governor said he wanted to make sure anyone wanting to start a business could easily do so by eliminating start-up fees.

To encourage more entrepreneurs in Colorado, Polis said they are planning on eliminating fees to start a business. Credit: Michael Duran

“Let’s encourage that entrepreneurship. We don’t want you to have to think twice. That hundred-bucks can actually be a lot if your whole-starting budget for business is 5 hundred bucks,” Polis said.

In closing, Polis said he wants to give taxpayers more this year by increasing the state refund as well as fixing housing issues that are a growing problem in Colorado. He also said it’s his goal to put Colorado in the top 10 safest states in the country by increasing public safety and access to mental health.

“Coloradans have the grit and grace to rise above any challenge that comes our way,” Polis said.