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Funny hats help raise money for childhood cancer research

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo -- A company has teamed up with the St. Baldrick's foundation to help raise money for childhood cancer research.

ELOPE, which stands for Everyone Laughs On Planet Earth, makes funny hats, and for the 15th year, they're donating them to the foundation.

As St. Baldrick's head shaving events fast approach, they want to see more and more people get involved for this cause.

You might be wondering how a company that makes amusing hats is so involved in raising money for childhood cancer research.

Well, it all started when a couple of their hats made it into the hands of kids sick in the hospital.

"We donated hats to a hospital and when we got a letter back as a thank you from the parents and saw what an impact it made we realized we wanted to do more," said ELOPE Chief Operating Officer Carolye Asfahl.

That's when they teamed up with the St. Baldrick's foundation to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Fifteen years later, over 20,000 hats donated, and over $1.2 million raised, a lot of employees at ELOPE still continue to participate in the head shaving events year after year.

"It's a fun day and a fun event, but knowing that we're hopefully making a positive impact on children's cancer research, as well as kids struggling through these diseases, that's always a good thing," said Asfahl.

Seeing how much the events continue to grow is what's most satisfying for them.

"It's for a good cause and to see that the events are growing and raising more money and then there's more events that also bring in more money, I mean, it's all good. There's nothing bad about that," said ELOPE employee Matt Meacham.

Even though it's about giving to the foundation to help sick kids, it's the children who are the ones giving as well.

"You're giving yourself, but you're getting so much back from the experience. It's so fulfilling and heartwarming and inspiring to do more," said Ashfal.

Here are some quick facts from St. Baldrick's about childhood cancer:

  • More than 160,000 children will be diagnosed this year worldwide.
  • In the US, one in five of them won't make it.
  • Less than 4 percent of federal funding for cancer research is for children.
>> If you want to get involved, check out St. Baldrick's upcoming events on their website.

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