COLORADO SPRINGS– The Give! campaign is accepting applications from nonprofit organizations to benefit from its philanthropic initiatives.

Since its inception in 2009, Give! has enabled 247 local nonprofits to raise more than $16.3 million from over 115,000 donations.

The campaign encourages Pikes Peak residents to get involved with local non-profits and give back to their community. Give! has helped organizations access matching grants, media exposure, and capacity-building training from local and regional experts.

As a catalyst for change and growth, the campaign specializes in raising awareness of smaller organizations whose messages need to be heard. Additionally, Give! focuses on younger donors to help build future philanthropists. The Young Donor Challenge inspires nonprofits to find innovative ways to connect with young audiences by awarding cash prizes to nonprofits that attract younger donors.

You can apply to be a part of the Give! campaign by clicking here.

FOX21 News is a proud media sponsor of the Give! Campaign.