COLORADO — Girl Scouts announced a new cookie that is set to go on sale during the 2023 season.

The new cookie called Raspberry Rally is “a thin, crispy cookie infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in a delicious chocolaty coating,” according to the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA). The cookie will go on sale during the 2023 season.

The cookie is considered a “sister” Cookie to the Thin Mints® the cookies share the chocolate coating but with raspberry filling instead of mint. The cookie will only be available online and through direct delivery, the first cookie to do so.

GSUSA says this cookie is to help scout’s e-commerce sales and entrepreneurial skills. “Girl Scouts are learning qualities crucial for all forms of leadership and life skills. The program embraces the understanding of the world of business, money management, and entrepreneurship. Cookie Business badges range anywhere from goal setting to learning effective in-person and online sales pitches, using market research, creating business plans, and implementing digital marketing campaigns.”

The cookie will be available for purchase in the digital storefront starting January 12, in-person sales, start on February 5. If you would like to learn more about the cookie and to be notified when they go on sale go to the Girl Scouts Cookies website.