(PUEBLO, Colo.) — Until a year and a half ago, the Weisbrod Museum in Pueblo was mostly known for housing Colorado’s largest collection of civilian space and military aircraft, as well as vehicles.

Until now… it is known for its ghosts.

“Over on my right we have an H21 Flying Banana Boat over here, helicopter,” said Rick Sandidge, Public Relations for the Weisbrod Museum, gesturing to the helicopter. “And ‘Mike’ likes to hang out in it.”

The discovery of these ghostly guests was made while climbing through one of the aircraft.

“I climb into some of these aircraft and I get these weird feelings and I know somebody’s in here,” said Sandidge.

Now, through investigating around the museum, they’ve been able to identify four distinct spirits they’ve been able to put a name to – Mike, Anne, Don, and Steve.

“The fourth one is named Steve. And he’s kind of an at-large ghost,” Sandidge said. “He likes to just wander around the hangar, and he likes to have fun with you. He’ll say your name, he’ll tap you on the shoulder, he’ll give you a little push.”

Employees believe all these ghosts were once servicemen and women during World War II and the Vietnam War. But how do they know so much about their supernatural tennants?

“You have to be very specific about making sure that it’s a yes and no type of question which means you’re doing a lot of Easter egging and asking a lot of questions before you finally hit on something that they’ll light the meter up for,” Sandidge said, holding up an Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF).

Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF) at Weisbrod Air Museum
Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF) at Weisbrod Air Museum, Courtesy: FOX21 Photojournalist Andrea Vazquez

In fact, FOX21’s reporter Rachel Saurer and photojournalist Andrea Vazquez helped figure out the name of the ghost who resides in the B-29 bomber. The EMF device remained stable while they listed several names, but lit up when they said the name “Joe.”

Operators of the museum said paranormal encounters are not staged, so it can be hit or miss whether you actually see or hear a spirit. But sometimes, you can catch something otherworldly.

“One of our ghost tour visitors just a week ago Saturday, snapped a picture that you could see a face and part of a shoulder and an arm inside the inside of the plane,” Sandidge said.

Weisbrod Air Museum photo evidence
Photo paranormal evidence, Courtesy: Weisbrod Air Museum

Sandidge said most of the ghosts are harmless, but just in case…

“It’s a good idea before you leave, just to tell them, ‘I’m going to my home, this is your home, you need to stay here and not follow me home’.”