(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A majority of Americans have received a gift card and then forgotten to use it. According to Bankrate, 51% of U.S. adults forget to redeem their gift cards, totaling more than $15.3 billion dollars in lost money, or about $116 per person.

Paul Nebb, shared advice with FOX21 Morning Anchor Abbie Burke, on how to get the most out of gift cards and tips to remember to use them.

Nebb said the first tip is to take a picture of the back of your gift card. “Save it in your phone, you can mark it as a favorite, put it in an album, however you like to organize your pictures. Now, you don’t need to remember to keep the physical card, just go to your photos, go to the cashier, they can, many times scan it right there, and you’re off.”

The next tip Nebb had, was to add gift cards to company apps. “It goes into your balance, makes mobile ordering quick and easy, and you can even use them online for shopping.”

Third, Nebb said to use online sites that allow you to sell your gift cards. “Get one you want, you may need to pay a little bit of a fee, but it’s better than letting it go to waste.”

Nebb said if the gift card turns out to be something you really won’t use, you can always re-gift it, or donate it to a charity.

Nebb also said to look for deals during the holidays. “So, during the holiday season and over different parts of the year, stores will sell gift cards at a discount.”

For other tips when it comes to using your gift cards, and when, watch the video player above.