COLORADO SPRINGS — The world’s only coffee roaster that uses custom-built solar coffee roasters now has a location in downtown Colorado Springs.

Solar Roast Coffee has been open in Pueblo for about 14 years with two cafes there and just opened a third shop Wednesday, August 7 at the corner Tejon and Bijou Streets in Colorado Springs.

They use solar energy to power their coffee roaster and thought why not share the environmentally friendly cups of joe with the city of colorado springs.

“Instead of using gas, we’re using sun to power a thermal energy which we’re able to capture a lot of flavor that way. We’re able to hold, not releasing a lot of the aromas of the coffees that we’re roasting,” said Stefan Findley, the cafe manager at the downtown Pueblo location.

You can buy Solar Roast Coffee by the bag or the cup. They also have soups and sandwiches.