COLORADO SPRINGS — The wait is over for your Bag O’Burgers. Short Stop Deluxe Burgers is back in a new building.

After 25 years at the corner of Platte Avenue and North Circle, the drive-thru burger joint has found a new home at 5819 Palmer Park Boulevard, which is across Powers Boulevard from Walmart and behind Pizza Hut.

FOX21’s Scott Kilbury and I stopped through for pre-work Friday fix.

Of course, we had to get the famous Bag O’Burgers, which is four burgers and four fries for $19.09 (don’t judge, we shared with the newsroom). Adding cheese and bacon was a no-brainer.

You can expect the same great Short Stop flavor in a new and improved location. Don’t worry, you still get a taste of nostalgia because the new building looks exactly like the old one. An added bonus though: outdoor seating.

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