(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A Colorado Springs veteran and his family received free home repairs after their basement flooded a couple of months ago. Nonprofits Rebuilding Together Colorado and Lockheed Martin joining forces to give back to the local hero.

Lockheed Martin said 20 percent of their workforce are veterans, which is why they say they are dedicated to serving those who also served our country.

“It’s a huge thing for me, actually,” said Danielle Jacobson, senior manager for Lockheed Martin. “When I was younger, my dad was a Vietnam veteran and was in a wheelchair and couldn’t get into the house. And so we actually had a similar group who came to our home and built a ramp so he could be in our home. And I still… to this day… it’s just so awesome. To be able to give back and do that for someone else — it just means the world to me.”

  • A volunteer happily cuts up pieces of molding for John Grim's basement.
  • A crew member braves the rain to help out a local veteran.
  • A crew member carries in a cut piece of flooring to take to John Grim's basement.
  • John Grim speaks with a crew member about the repairs.

On Friday, Sept. 15, crews braved the pouring rain to help out John Grim, who enlisted in the Army at 18 and completed two tours overseas before retiring as disabled due to multiple combat injuries.

Now, Grim owns a home with his wife Penelope and their newly adopted six-month-old. Due to a rainy summer, their basement experienced repeated flooding.

Penelope reached out to Rebuilding Together Colorado, and after an assessment, they and Lockheed Martin came out to give the basement a whole new look.

“My wife works full-time as a therapist,” John Grim said. “So, me being retired and having the disability solely I have, it’s hard for me to do all the work by myself. So, having people that are complete strangers willing to come to our house for free and do all the work for nothing — just for a simple ‘thank-you’ has been nothing but more than a miracle.”

Grim is also going to be getting a new roof thanks to donated material from Owens Corning and donated labor from Cinco Roofing.