(CASCADE, Colo.) — All it took was one fourth-grade student’s persuasive letter to make a big impact in helping reduce plastic waste at her elementary school in Manitou Springs School District 14 (MSSD 14).

Ten-year-old Claire, a fourth grader at Ute Pass Elementary School (UPES), wrote a letter to Stasher, a company that makes reusable silicone storage bags, asking if the company could possibly make reusable garbage bags. To everyone’s surprise, Stasher wrote back!

Stasher’s CEO sent Claire a letter explaining silicone garbage bags would be expensive to make and likely not be used, according to MSSD 14. However, the company invited Claire to be a Stasher Ambassador and sent her and the students of UPES about 200 reusable sandwich bags in an effort to reduce plastic bags thrown away during snack and lunchtime.

“We’re super proud of Claire and the whole fourth-grade class and their efforts to reduce waste
in our environment,” said Jackie Powell, Principal at UPES. “She may be little, but these dreams
are big and make a huge difference.”

Not only did Claire make a difference at her school – and in the world – but she also learned a valuable lesson.

“You don’t have to be an adult to make a big difference,” said Claire.