(FOUNTAIN, Colo.) — The Fountain Fire Department (FFD) has moved to Stage 1 fire restrictions. The restrictions go into effect at noon on Wednesday, Dec. 7, and will remain in place until conditions change.

FFD said conditions are dry throughout El Paso County and there is an abundance of tall vegetation due to the lack of snowfall. The cold fronts moving in are creating low humidity and strong winds. With conditions as they are, FFD said it is in the City of Fountain’s best interest to move into Stage I Fire Restrictions.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 fire restrictions are as follows:

ActivityStage 1 Burn RestrictionsStage 2 Burn Restrictions
Outdoor blasting, welding, and torchesAllowed with permitAllowed with permit
Campfires in developed campgrounds/picnic groundsAllows in permanently constructed fire grates, charcoal grills, and wood-burning stovesAllowed in gas-fueled (LPG or CNG) constructed recreational fire pit
Model rocketsNot allowedNot allowed
Public prescribed burning/burn permitsNot allowedNot allowed
Outdoor smokingNo smoking outside except in an enclosed building or vehicle, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area with at least a three feet diameter that is barren of and cleared of all flammable materialsNo smoking outside, only in an enclosed vehicle or building
Sale or use fireworksNot allowedNot allowed
Outdoor cooking (Private property)Allowed if they are smaller than three feet in diameter and less than two feet high that is kindled for the purpose of cooking food using only clean dry, untreated wood or charcoal, which are contained by fireplaces, fire pits (free standing and/or above ground), barbecues or other systems approved by the City of Fountain Fire DepartmentAllowed if the fire is contained within gas-fueled (LPG or CNG) grills or electric pellet-fed smokers
Outdoor fire at residence (recreational fire pits)Allowed if the fire is contained within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled stoves, indoor fireplaces, and wood-burning stoves. Allowed in permanently constructed fire grates, charcoal grills and wood burning stoves in outdoor areas cleared of all combustibles, using dry untreated wood and or charcoalAllowed in gas-fueled (LPG or CNG) constructed recreational fire pit