(FOUNTAIN, Colo.) — Chief Christopher Heberer of the Fountain Police Department (FPD) has announced his retirement which will take effect on Friday, June 30.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, May 10, in a letter from Chief Heberer. In the letter, Chief Heberer said the reason for his retirement was to focus on his family and himself.

Fountain Police Chief Christopher Heberer
Courtesy: City of Fountain

Chief Heberer joined the FPD in 2015, and said his goal was to leave the department better than he found it. Chief Heberer lists some of his accomplishments toward that goal:

  • Merged dispatch centers with El Paso County
  • Improving communications with the community
  • Improving communication and coordination with Fort Carson Emergency services
  • Improved relationship with School District 8 by adding eight School Resource Officer positions
  • Adding the first Therapy K9 in the region with Hulk
  • And more

“Lastly, I want to thank God for his support and his wisdom that brought me to Fountain and to my wife, Mandy. Mandy and both my daughters, Alea and Reagan, have been my backbone and support structure everyday good or bad throughout this journey,” sais Chief Heberer.

Chief Heberer said his replacement has already been chosen, Commander Mark Cristiani will be the new Chief. He was hired by the Fountain Police Department in 2015 after retiring from the Scottsdale Police Department in Arizona in 2015, after serving in various departments and positions since 1994.

Photo of Commander Mark Cristiani of the Fountain Police Department
Courtesy: City of Fountain

“I am honored and blessed to have been appointed as the Chief of Police for the City of Fountain last night on May 9th, 2023. I look forward to serving the citizens of Fountain that live in our city and those traveling through our city every day,” said Cristiani. “Policing in this country is difficult but we are committed to a diverse and transparent department that will operate within the constitution and the law. We will continue to treat all people with equality, dignity, and the respect they deserve. We look forward to the continued collaborative relationship we have with our law enforcement and military partners across this region as public safety is a regional effort and we cannot operate alone. We look forward to the future relationship with District 8 and Fort Carson as we embark on staffing their schools with six new Fountain Police officers working on the military base.”