FOUNTAIN, Colo. — Three Fountain Police Officers were recognized by Fountain City Council for their heroic actions during the tragic officer-involved shooting that claimed the lives of Deputy Andrew Peery and former Marine Alex Paz.

“My condolences go out to Deputy Andrew Peery and his family,” said Frederick Hinton, Fountain City Councilmember. “The average person doesn’t run into fires or firefights. That is something that will require some hesitation, but these men and women don’t hesitate.”

Pictured, from left to right: Chief Chris Heberer, Sergeant Andrew Anderson, Corporal JD Haley, Commander Cristiani, and Commander Lewis (Officer Alvarez is not pictured). Credit: City of Fountain Police Department

On Sunday, 39-year-old Deputy Peery and another deputy responded to calls of shots fired in a neighborhood in Security-Widefield. When they arrived, Peery was shot by a gunman and fell to the ground in front of the house. The deputy quickly called for backup.

Fountain Police say Corporal JD Haley was first to arrive and called for additional officers while developing a plan to rescue Peery. Sgt. Andrew Anderson and Officer Alvarez arrived soon after.

“Two times watching the video, I will tell you, that young corporal we just recognized looked up and said: ‘Where is everybody?’ And had to wait,” said Fountain Police Chief Chris Heberer. “They were it, and they went into action.”

They had just moments to devise a plan to rescue the fallen deputy.

“The team of four used a police SUV to shield themselves from the gunman as Officer Alvarez drug Deputy Peery several feet to safety. Deputy Peery was placed in the SUV where Officer Alvarez began performing life-saving operations,” said Commander Mark Cristiani, of Fountain Police.

The total time from Sgt. Anderson’s arrival to execute the plan to rescue Peery took 1 minute and 35 seconds.

Commander Cristiani said their only concern was for the safety of their community.

“Deputy Peery gave the ultimate sacrifice on that night,” he said. “These three Fountain police officers acted with the utmost heroism and bravery under the most extreme, extreme circumstances with the sole purpose of saving lives and protecting those around them.”

The City Council echoed their pride and gratitude for their first responders.

“They do what they need to do to protect this community and to protect you and to protect me,” Hinton said. “So, I ask that you continue to lift them up in prayer as you say your prayers each night and when you see them, please say thank you.”