PUEBLO, Colo. — “Suck it, cancer” is what Lisa Vanbeek said just nine months ago after she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at 37-years-old. That phrase soon became the name of her t-shirt line and now she celebrates a major milestone in her fight against cancer.

“The Suck It, Cancer t-shirts kind of came as a result of just how we felt about it.” Vanbeek added, “That man this is not fun and you know, cancer, suck it!”

A majority of the profit from sales is given back to non-profit cancer organizations, helping other patients afford things like gas and co-pays.

“With Suck It, Cancer we’re able to sell shirts that make people smile and keep them uplifted during this kind of treacherous journey,” said Vanbeek.

Tuesday, August 11th, Vanbeek reached an incredible breakthrough in her journey, her final radiation treatment.

“I don’t know if the reality has set in yet so maybe ask me tomorrow how I feel when I don’t have to come here in the morning,” added Vanbeek. “I don’t know but it’s pretty great and I think it’s emotional but I haven’t entirely wrapped my head around it yet.”

At the Dorcy Cancer Center at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, ringing the bell three times signifies a long standing tradition celebrating the completion of a patient’s radiation therapy.

“I’m a pretty happy person by nature and I certainly wasn’t going to let cancer take that away from me too,” said Vanbeek.

But what’s next for this survivor and entrepreneur?

“You know I think for me, I can’t wait to just get back to work, sell some shirts, get involved and after my final surgery which will be in about a month and a half, we’re taking a fabulous vacation to Maui and that I think is when I’ll really celebrate,” Vanbeek said.

The Suck It, Cancer line now has tank tops, hats, bags and even sunscreen. For more information on Suck It, Cancer visit the website at www.suckitcancer.net.