COLORADO SPRINGS — Fort Carson held its first ever collaborative field artillery training at its Mountain Post on Wednesday. People on the ground fired artillery — an M777 Alpha II Howitzer.

Artillery firing a blast. The howitzer can fire up to 24km or about 15 miles. Credit: Ray Harless

“Definitely woke me up. It was my cup of coffee this morning,” said 1st Lt. Andrew Weliver, the battery executive officer. “Once you start getting into the bigger charges, shooting farther distances, you definitely feel it in your chest, it energizes you a lot.”

The exercise combine the efforts of people on the ground, in the air, and even in space.

“[We’re] working to mass effects a single target controlled by the division for the first time in the Army’s history,” Weliver said.

The training combined the efforts of land, air and space. Credit: Ray Harless

The training was dubbed Ivy Mass and it is meant to validate the 4th Infantry Division’s ability to collaborate.

“[It] shows a really good strength of force and it’s also really cool to just see how we can come together as a team and fight the same objective,” Weliver said.

It also demonstrated a sense of preparedness when the time comes.

“It’s our job to come into the Army and always be ready,” Weliver noted. “Artillery, we got to be lethal and accurate whenever the nation calls.”

And it’s one training exercise that participants said they’re proud to be a part of.

“Never in the history of the Army has a whole division come together done the same training exercise together,” Weliver said. “So, having that collaborative effort is an awesome experience and something that I know I will hold near and dear to my heart.”