COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has endorsed Congressman Doug Lamborn today here in Colorado Springs at the Lodge at Flying Horse.

The congressman is a U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District, and Pompeo says that he will be supporting him for his 2022 run.

Pompeo says that he wants to ensure that the Republican Party maintains its hold on the seat.

“He is a great match for the district. He represents it incredibly well. I’ve known him now–it’s over a decade now,” Pompeo said.

The former Secretary of State said that he believes that Congressman Lamborn has delivered on his promises for Coloradans.

“…There is not much higher praise for someone in elected office than to say these are the things I promised I’m going to do. I’m going to work every day to get them across the finish line, and Doug does that,” Pompeo said.