Former exotic dancer talks strip club drug culture


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Bright lights, big checks, and an easygoing work environment. Sounds like a dream job, right?

Well, what if that easygoing work environment put you and your coworkers at risk?

One former exotic dancer said there’s a culture of drugs in strip clubs that does just that.

We hid the identity of the former dancer because she’s afraid of retribution for whistleblowing.

FOX21’s Kody Fisher sat down with her as she described a lifestyle that women get sucked into because of how well it pays.

“The second time I danced I had a girl come up to me and ask if I wanted to do some coke,” she said.

She said dancers do drugs to make the night go by faster.

We asked how easy it was for her to access drugs.

“So easy,” she said. “You could just ask any girl and they would point you in the right direction where they have it.”

It’s normally done behind closed doors in restricted sections where only dancers can go.

“I’m sure the security guards probably knew for sure, because you could tell when girls were tweaking out,” she said.

We asked if there was ever a concern that the women would get caught by the police.

“No,” she said.

Why not?

“Because cops would come in there to experience the dancers,” she said.

How do they know that they’re cops?

“Because they tell you,” she said.

FOX21 asked the Colorado Springs Police Department if officers are trained to detect if someone is high on drugs.

“I can’t answer that question. I mean, if an officer’s off-duty and chooses to patronize a strip club that’s his or her business, and what their level of training in narcotics detection is all based on experience. Not every officer can tell if someone is under the influence of drugs,” said Lt. Mark Comte of CSPD.

He said they rely on tips to make drug busts.

“Without that information I’m not going to send officers in there and just have them sit in a strip club and see if they can look for a narcotics transaction. Of course it goes on in strip clubs. It goes on in bars. It goes on all over the city and the county. We have to go where we can impact the market. It’s not uncommon for an adult entertainment club to have narcotics involved in that environment. It’s across the country that it happens, I’m sure, but we have to use our resources appropriately, efficiently, and right now we’re just not targeting strip clubs because this dancer says there’s a culture of drugs,” said Comte.

The former dancer said the choice to use drugs always come down to the individual, but club owners and police need to pay more attention to this problem that can be dangerous for the dancers.

“I just feel like they don’t care to put a stop to it, so they just let it happen,” she said.

CSPD said their main focus is on stopping the heroin epidemic in our area that is impacting the younger population.

We tried to reach out to both strip clubs in Colorado Springs, but neither are commenting on this story.

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