COLORADO SPRINGS — The Foothills Trail in Garden of the Gods Park has reopened after eight months.

The Foothills Trail had been rerouted for eight months to allow for the installation of a new roundabout for the park entrance, a new storm sewer system, and a trail underpass beneath Gateway Road. This was part of the 30th Street Corridor project.

The trail will still have some construction going on, and crews may have to temporarily adjust trail access. This work will be to complete the final grading, landscaping, and setting of the stone signs in their new locations.

City of Colorado Springs

“The 30th Street Corridor project addresses a lack of roadway shoulders and drainage facilities; aging street pavement with adjacent hillside erosion and slope destabilization; a lack of multi-use roadway facilities; safety and mobility at corridor intersections; and access for emergency vehicles and evacuation,” said the City of Colorado Springs. The project is projected to be completed by mid-2023.

Information about the project can be found online at Colorado Springs’ website, you can also call 719-315-3102 or email with questions.