COLORADO SPRINGS — Focus on the Family’s President Jim Daly gave a statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s leaked draft opinion.

“I am praying that a majority of the justices will, indeed, overturn Roe – and in doing so, help restore a state’s right to protect a pre-born child’s right to life,” said Daly. The president of the religious group stated that the reversal of Roe v. Wade was long overdue.

Daly believes that “the majority of the rhetoric surrounding abortion centers on a woman’s right to choose and little to nothing on a baby’s right to live.” He emphasized the need to protect “innocent and defenseless children whose lives hang in the balance.”

In another statement he said, “Returning this issue to the states is an important first step in the effort to relegate the barbarism of abortion to the dust heap of history.” He continued, “There is a direct correlation between the legalization of abortion and the coarsening of our culture…There is nothing more beautiful than a baby. Why deprive the world of their goodness, especially with so many families eager and willing to adopt?”