(FLORENCE, Colo.) — A Celebration of Life ceremony was held at Florence Brewing Company to honor the lives of Kat Duncan, Roger Duncan, Laurie Aves, and Bruce Clarement – the four people killed in a plane crash near Phantom Canyon Road.

Breighton and Amaya Duncan, the children of Kat and Roger Duncan, shared memories of their parents.

“They were just, you know, go-getters. They were both just always on, doing something different and new and adventuring and, you know, building something and always trying to build legacies,” Breighton Duncan said. “You know, they loved rocks and rock collecting and that stuff. I think it was probably one of their biggest passions.”

The Duncan children were shocked by the outpour of support and love they have seen from community members.

“They loved this town and it was their heart,” Amaya Duncan said. “It’s just great to see that everybody understood that and is here.”

According to friends of the Duncans, they owned many businesses in Downtown Colorado Springs, including an ice cream shop, a rock and mineral shop, a burger shop, and opened several properties for affordable housing. Now the children will be carrying on their parents’ legacy.

“I mean it’s overwhelming for sure,” Breighton said. “I think that… their belief in us too is also going to help get us through, you know, because they were the most supportive people I’ve ever met and not just to us, but to everybody. I mean, they were always trying to help everyone live their dreams.”

Florence Brewing Company said “these people were wonderful and kind people in our community.”

In this time of heartache, the community came together to support each other and lift each other up.

“The amount of love that they’ve given to their family and friends,” Celebration of Life attendee, Amy Bourlon, said. “It’s just it’s really, really nice to see our town and our community rallying behind the family and friends of such tremendous individuals.”

Another attendee was Joen Elliot, who reflected on her relationship with Laurie Aves and the immense impact she had.

“I would tell her that I miss her and I want to see her walking past my store,” Elliot said. “I have a store and she would drop in and we’d sit there and, you know, bemoan what was going on. But that, I appreciated every conversation that we had, that I was so grateful for all the insight that she gave me and that I love her.”

The brother of Roger Duncan, Mike Duncan, thanked Florence community members for the love and encouragement he has witnessed.

“I’d just like to say thank you to the City of Florence for the compassion that they’ve shown my family since this tragedy,” Mike Duncan said. “I didn’t really understand what Florence was about, and I didn’t understand the allure that my brother talked about until this week and now it’s obvious why he loves this community.”