(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Those living at Centennial Plaza Apartments in Colorado Springs had their holiday season dampened when seven floors of the 11-story building flooded on Christmas Day.

When the tenants couldn’t reach management for answers, several reached out to FOX21 News to make sure their situation was known and their voices heard.

Water poured down from the ceiling, boxes of family heirlooms were damaged, and a stench like you wouldn’t believe.

“That was a great Christmas,” Linda Wurst, tenant at Centennial Plaza Apartments said. “All of a sudden, I had water in my bathroom, it was coming into my living room and now it’s going into my bedroom.”

Living in the Centennial Plaza Apartments for less than six-months, Wurst said it’s been no home sweet home.

Linda Wurst’s apartment at Centennial Plaza Apartments, 516 East Kiowa St.

“I have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, I have asthma, I’m allergic to mold,” Wurst said. “I just can’t take it anymore, because it is one thing on top of another and another.”

On top of faulty elevators and lack of security, the last straw was Wurst’s and many others apartments flooding.

“Our issue, our concern is with the response that we received from Colorado Springs Housing Authority (CSHA),” said Betty Field, Chair of the Centennial Plaza Apartments Tenant Association. “It’s ridiculous and there was some fairly extensive damage.”

CSHA offers public housing and Section 8 housing rental assistance in El Paso County. The tenants of Centennial Plaza Apartments believe they have been neglected.

“I called the emergency line to say, ‘hey we’ve got a pretty major issue gong on here,’ and the answering machine told me that CSHA is not taking any more messages from 516 East Kiowa St.”

FOX21 News made some calls ourselves, CSHA Deputy Director, Paul Spencer responded with the following statement, “Management followed up with the tenants that were directly impacted to answer any question or concerns they had. Centennial Plaza Apartments is a very well-maintained apartment building and received an excellent score in the most recent federal inspection earlier this year.”

These tenants are now taking matters into their own hands and created the Centennial Plaza Apartments Tenants Association, focusing on providing a sense of community for anyone receiving housing assistance.

“We don’t expect perfection, we don’t expect to live in a five-star hotel, we do expect to be heard, and we demand to be respected and treated as if we are still capable, valuable people because we are,” Field said.